mole rovesciata

mole rovesciata

multifunctional public space. torino, italy | 1995

project by: CLIOSTRAAT
with: corrado levi

(with Corrado Levi, 1994?)

The third millennium appears seducing with possibilities and cast by the shadow of fears. the opportunities lay in the people, in impalpable technologies, in human resources, the fears stand in social and material mechanisms which can break or deviate and fly off at a tangent.

An architecture for the third millennium must be receptive of these shades and bare proposals that can bring the needle of history towards practicable sextants.
The centre of such a history-rich city as Torino holds symbolical significances which, if they remain facing the past, will slow down development.

The bet pointed out by this project is that of actualising history by renewing it. the issue of the imaginary is of central importance.It is the coagulating and dragging substance of the moving people from the Beatles onwards. it is certainly a quality of all times, but the imaginary of today, which isn’t static image even if moving picture, starting from material elements which have a trigger function, is immaterial as the vehicles of communication.

Imaginary can fix some hopes, it belongs to everyone and everybody without conflict, as long as it is an emancipating imaginary, therefore made personal by everyone.
it should not stand at a distance, but resolve those fears of all times and of tomorrow with a liberating movement, without hiding them.
an imaginary where bitterness and humour, history and future, singularity and collectivity can live together.

The courage of such a gesture is together affectionate and blasphemous, it considers the existing but from a free point of view, it bursts forth vitality and joy of invention, which at least to begin with must not have boundaries.

Torino is the last fordist city existing in the world. Mole Rovesciata as the hinge between the fordist city and the post-fordist world. far from schemes of inclusion and exclusion, this is a place that should not create belongings. Mole Rovesciata as cathedral of a new system for an old-looking city. as thermometer of the transformation, foreseeing the next five, six years of radical upside-down upsettings. an instable, progressive and progressist symbolism. engine of flexibility. the place of adaptation towards instability.

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